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100-150 kg/h artificial rice making machine


artificial rice making machine

The introduction of the artificial rice making machine:

This nutritional artificial rice making machine is used to produce artificial rice, also known as golden rice or nutritional rice. Nutritional rice provide you with balanced diet and good health.

The features of the artificial rice making machine:

  • The nutritional rice is one more breakthrough in the extrusion engineering technology.
  • Not merely maintain the original nutriment of rice, but also put in different necessary vitamin and minerals to make high nutrition rice.
  • Be able to mix various grain to produce artificial rice.
  • Fast to cook, can be made into instant rice.


artificial rice making machine

The  introduction of the artificial rice:

Artificial rice production line can process the starch-based grain into the artificial rice with the process of mixing ,extruding,drying,milling and granulating.In the course of making this product ,the nutrient substance such as milling dry vegetable, vitamin and mineral is added into the mixture,so the nutritional vaule of the artificial rice is singificantly better than ordinary rice.

The features of the artificial rice:

  • The cost of the material used to making the artificial rice is comparatively lower
  • The finish product contain low starch content and rich nutrient substance.
  • Having a great tasty and easy to digest.
  • With regard to have a long shelf time,the artificial rice is not only suitable for the family,but also for the field staffs and the long journey persons.


artificial rice making machine

The construction of the artificial rice making machine:

  • Flour Mixer
  • Spiral Elevator
  • Extruder
  • Cooling Vibration
  • Mid-elevator
  • T-conveyor
  • 5-layor Fuel Oven

The parameters of the artificial rice making machine:

  • Installed power             82.6 kw
  • Power consumption     62  kw
  • Throughput                  100-150 kg/h
  • Size                               16500*3000*2600 mm



 artificial rice making machine

The information of the HIWANT COMPANY:

Henan Hiwant International Co.,Ltd is a technology-based manufacturer and trader of food extrusion machines.Our food extrusion machinery lines are widely used in: puffed snack food extruder, breakfast cereals extruder, fiber protein extruder, bread crumbs extruder, pet/aquatic feed extruder, modified starch extruder, artificial/nutritional rice extruder, and other food , biological and chemical industry.Our Machines have been exported to Europe, America, East Africa, and so on.

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