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100-150 KG/H Commercial Corn Flakes Making Machine For Sale



Corn_Flakes making machine



The description of the corn flakes making machine:

The corn flakes making machine processing line can be combined or separated; The cereal making line and corn flakes making line share the powder mixing machine and food extruder. It is our new design which integrates the European Technology and Utility. Take milling corn powder/grits, wheat flour, oat, buckwheat as ingredients,added with various vitamin and other mineral substance, can also add little cocoa, sugar, meanwhile supply water evenly. Then going through the extruder for cooking, pelleting ,pressing, toasting, coating etc, customer can get tasty breakfast cereals and crispy corn flakes. It can be used to produce corn flakes,ring and star shape breakfast cereal,and other shapes of breakfast cereal.

Why choose the corn flakes making machine as the corn food processing line:

As is well known,the corn flake have being becoming the popular foodstuff.Besides,the corn flakes have a bright future in the food market since it feature the various fitness benefits.

Corn flakes eaten with a bowl of milk products, various nuts and fresh fruits are viewed as to be one of the best healthy and balanced breakfast cereals. A few of the foremost fitness benefits of eating this breakfast cereal contain the following:

  • Minimal carbohydrates and energy:

It’s always regarded as being nutritionally valuable aCorn_Flakes making machines it consists of minimal carbohydrates and much less energy. Since it consists of less calories, it can also be low in fat component. This breakfast cereal is recognized as the most beneficial meal when compared with the other kinds of foods eaten in the morning which are usually abundant with fat and sugar component.

  • Abundant with iron and natural vitamins:

Corn flakes is proven to be abundant with iron and nutritional vitamin component. It’s actually a wealthy source of nutritional vitamin A, B, C, D and E. A majority of these foodstuff can consist of nuts such as walnuts. You will often discover products which contain bee honey, raisins and many others.

  • Flavours:

In the earlier times, this original breakfast cereal was for sale in just one taste. Nowadays it can be obtainable in an enormous collection of tastes such as strawberry, apple, delicious chocolate, blueberry, pear and etc .

  • Milled foodstuff:

Recent surveys have shown that milled corn foodstuff have a large quantity of anti-oxidants including carotenoids. Carotenoid is actually a pigment which is obtained in plant like carrots, kale, tomato vegetables and sugary potatoes. The pigment makes sense to prevent heart diseases and cancer malignancy.

  • Light-weight and digestible:

This specific ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is easy to absorb and rather light-weight. The majority like better to eat it since it is available in a variety of tastes enriched with all necessary minerals and vitamins.

  • Minerals And Vitamins

The minerals and vitamins of a person’s breakfast meal could be increased with the intake of corn flakes. With a vast number of extra nutritional requirements, this breakfast cereal coCorn_Flakes making machinensists of all the required vitamin and minerals. It has most essential vitamins such as vitamin B folic acid and vitamin B12, B2, B1 and niacin. Everyday eating of this breakfast cereal enhances the intake of iron.

The feature of the corn flakes making machine:

  • Ingredient flexibility: corn, wheat, oat,etc.
  • Kinds of the finish products : directly edible or finish with the other flavor.
  • Efficiency of the control system: Fast launch, stop and kinds of product change.
  • Power & water benefits: water consumption reduced by 50% in comparison with traditional producing system.
  • Automatic control system:Reduce the labor cost.
  • Compact style:lessened occupation place.
  • The processing: Mixing —Extruding —Flaking —Drying — Baking —Coating —Baking —Cooling
  • Material of equipment in the production line: Every one of the line are made of stainless steel.

The Video about corn flakes making machine:


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