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100-150 kg/h corn flakes processing machine production line



cereal breakfast corn flake production line02



The overview of the corn flakes processing machine:

Corn flake is a sort of crisp foodstuff, that is made of the cereal flour .It is abundant with carbon compounds and healthy fiber. Simultaneously, corn flake not only contains lots of microelement, like nutritional vitamins and minerals,but also can be covered with multi-tasty,like sweet,cocoa, etc. Besides,we can eat it with coffee,milk,,or other drinks, of course,we can straightly eat up it.

The corn flakes processing machine can process corn powder , wheat powder into the delicious corn flakes,Firstly,the ingredient is given from the mixing machine and is cooking in the double screw food extruder. Then with the process of baking, flavoring and cooling down, the crispy corn flakes with the tasty of sweet, salty ,etc is coming out finally.

corn flakes 01

The feature of the corn flakes processing machine:

  • Ingredient flexibility: corn, wheat, oat,etc.
  • Kinds of the finish products : directly edible or finish with the other flavor.
  • Efficiency of the control system: Fast launch, stop and kinds of product change.
  • Power & water benefits: water consumption reduced by 50% in comparison with traditional producing system.
  • Automatic control system:Reduce the labor cost.
  • Compact style:lessened occupation place.
  • The processing: Mixing —Extruding —Flaking —Drying — Baking —Coating —Baking —Cooling
  • Material of equipment in the production line: Every one of the line are made of stainless steel.

corn flakes machine

The parameter of the corn flakes processing machine:

  • Installed Powder:210 kw
  • Power consumption;168 kw
  • Output Capacity:100-150 kg/h
  • Dimensions:54700*2800*2700 mm

corn flakes processing machine

The information of HIWANT company:

Henan Hiwnat International Co.,Ltd is a technology-based manufacturer and trader of food extrusion machines.Our food extrusion machinery lines are widely used in: puffed snack food extruder, breakfast cereals extruder, fiber protein extruder, bread crumbs extruder, pet/aquatic feed extruder, modified starch extruder, artificial/nutritional rice extruder, and other food , biological and chemical industry.Our Machines have been exported to Europe, America, East Africa, and so on.



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