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120-150 kg/h puffing machine production line

puff snack making production line 01

The introduction of the puffing machine production line:

With the constant research about the extrusion-cooking technology, HIWANT has developed the new extruder product of double-tasty filling puffing machine. The production line features the characteristic of high productivityand low cost because of the totally automatic control system, it automatically works from mixing process, extrusion process, filling system, shapping process to coating process. By means of adjusting food extruder dies, it can make different styles of puffing food. Furthermore, this production line can make noodle foodstuff by getting off the double-screw and some accessory machines.Besides, if taking away the filling equipment, you can also produce standard corn puffs and other crispy snack foods.

puff snack machine

The feature of the finish puff snack food products:

  • Raw materials versatility to produce numerous kinds of filled snack food :
  • Cover components with different grains : rice, maize, barley, oats, whole grain and so on
  • Filled components : chocolate types, candy, fruit preserves , honey, milk, and so on
  • Styles: pipes, globular, nuts,and so on.

puff snack machine

The feature of the puffing machine production line:

puff snack machine

The parameter of  the puffing machine production line:

Installed power            67 kw
Power consumption    46 kw
Throughput                 120-150 kg/h
Size                             19400*3500*2200 mm

puff snack machine 11

The information of the HIWANT COMPANY:

Henan Hiwant International Co.,Ltd is a technology-based manufacturer and trader of food extrusion machines.Our food extrusion machinery lines are widely used in: puffed snack food extruder, breakfast cereals extruder, fiber protein extruder, bread crumbs extruder, pet/aquatic feed extruder, modified starch extruder, artificial/nutritional rice extruder, and other food , biological and chemical industry.Our Machines have been exported to Europe, America, East Africa, and so on.



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