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180-200 kg/h multigrain chips making production line



multigrain Chips Production Line


The introduction of the multigrain chips making production line:

The multigrain chips making production line can make numerous kinds of interesting styles,such as crinkled, square, triangular in shape, and tastes and can include seeable add-in ingredient. Formulas generally consist of more half cereals component, such as corn,whole wheat, rice.

The features of the multigrain chips making production line:

  • A broad selection of ingredient– edible corn, whole wheat, rice, spud and all kinds of other grain.
  • Adjustable ingredient size: from good flour to semolina.
  • Efficiency of the control system: Fast launch, stop and kinds of product change.
  • Automatic control system:Reduce the labor cost.
  • Improved control system to lessen water and power cost.
  • PLC control system guarantees the precision of variables for each formula.

Nowadays,Multigrain chips have obtained major share of the market as healthier and tasty food. HIWANT has become a top designer of the production lines that produce new-generation potato or corn chips which are containing more cereals and fiber and less in fat (generally fat component of 18%, in comparison with 35% in snack extrusion food and 45% in conventional chip).


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