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200-300 kg/h bread crumb maker production line



bread crumb maker



The introduction of the bread crumb maker production line:

HIWANT is a leading provider of bread crumb machine production line.This production line is designed to make bread crumb. Bread crumb is generally used to cover onion rings, beef, chicken before frying.

Bread crumb is an accessory ingredient in the process of making meal food, it’s been commonly used in Europe many years ago. Currently, as the food and beverage industry is developing, bread crumb’s consumption is rising consequently. To be able to satisfy the industry need,Our company put more efforts into the design of the bread crumb maker production line, and according to the Western engineering technology, we finally develop this kind of bread crumb maker production line. This line can make bread crumb in sleekness and graininess.

Bread crumb features numerous shapes and dimensions according mainly to what the people desires.Generally bread crumb is used as a covering for seafood, beef, etc. The bread crumb is light-weight with an aeriform texture, great for taking in lots of natural oils and water while frying.



bread crumb




The feature of the bread crumb maker production line:

  • Bread crumb such as Japanese long needle shape, US granular shape, snowflakes shape and so on.
  • High productive, no wasted material.
  • Top quality and homogeneous finish product
  • Automatic control system
  • Information Recording/ Trace ability
  • Healthy structure design
  • Soft shaking action
  • High output, reduced operation cost
  • Little upkeep cost
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Fire defense design


bread crumb machine



The construction of the bread crumb maker production line:

  • Flour Mixer
  • Spiral Elevator
  • Extruder
  • Multifunctional Shaper
  • Large Elevator
  • Pulverizer
  • Conveyor
  • 5-layer Fuel Oven

The parameters of the bread crumb maker production line:

  • Installed power             84 kw
  • Power consumption      63  kw
  • Throughput                   200-300 kg/h
  • Size                               29600*3000*3000 mm




bread crumb machine



The information of the HIWANT COMPANY:

Henan Hiwant International Co.,Ltd is a technology-based manufacturer and trader of food extrusion machines.Our food extrusion machinery lines are widely used in: puffed snack food extruder, breakfast cereals extruder, fiber protein extruder, bread crumbs extruder, pet/aquatic feed extruder, modified starch extruder, artificial/nutritional rice extruder, and other food , biological and chemical industry.Our Machines have been exported to Europe, America, East Africa, and so on.

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