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200-300 kg/h bread crumbs production line



bread crumb production line

The introduction of bread crumbs production line:

Managed amount of flour, materials and water are given into a set of mixing machine, based on the formula for the finish item. The combination is given constantly and evenly to the bread crumbs food extrusion machine and processed at the suitable condition. Following extrusion process, the pasta is cut either at 40° or 95°. Slice items are moved to a heat range and wetness managed belt drying machine to achieve the precise level of wetness component . Dried out bread crumbs are then milled.


Bread Crumb Production

The specification of bread crumbs production line:

  • Significantly lowered producing time and greater output
  • Versatility to manufacture a broad range of bread crumbs
  • Enhanced control system,leading to less power and water expenditure and Lasting Growth
  • Procedure manage to make top-quality items with steady performance
  • Not the 200-300 kg/h,yet different yield, 300 -500 kg/h based on your requirement
  • Whole bread crumbs production line is clean and healthy.


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