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200-300 kg/h pet food extrusion machine

baked kurkure production line

Introduction of pet food extrusion machine line:

First,the double screw extrusion technological innovation continues to be at the head of the qulity improvement and manufacturing of dry pet feeds.

The pet food extrusion machine production line are developed to work 24/7 and to handle a broad range of productions. Suppliers can make a variety of designs, styles, tastes and colours. Our target is to offer versatile and scalable manufacturing equipment to make excellent performance, delicious and healthy pet foods.

Standard raw materials utilized in producing pet foods contain grain flour, organic meats and new various meats. The dried up components get into the the mixing machine and are vapor-moisturized. The counter-turning double screw system mixes the components and makes certain appropriate combining of vapor, wetness and components. The prepared combination will be given to the double-screw pet food extrusion machine. Cutting off, interior heat range, stress, wetness and lasting times are precisely managed to gain ideal amylum gelatinization with no lack of nutrient . Fluids or vapor could possibly be inserted through plug-ins in the pet food extrusion machine drum at different processing periods.

Pellets are subsequently formed as soon as they’re pressured via the pet food extrusion machine die. They’re subsequently move through a drying machine, that lowers wetness(typically between 8 and 9%). The production will be sprayed, and flavoring and oil is added in prior to cooling system and product labels.

pet food extrusion machinery

Specification of pet food extrusion production line:

  • Accurate management of physical variables and mechanization to make certain ideal performance of pet foods: gelatinization, extrusion, consistency and steady
  • Intelligent lines: formula handle ,procedure management ,fitted receptors, handle and upkeep. Modern production line mechanization leads to reduce working charges and makes it possible for constant moderate manufacturing.
  • Innovative designs through the work with unique pet food extrusion machine dies to produce impressive types and diversely-surface productions
  • Component versatility to produce a broad range of raw components with high oil Any time required
  • Lowered upkeep with having typical pieces for food extruder machine and drying machinery, availability to various equipment parts
  • Service, such as training, guidance and invention technology for new productions
  • Capacity of 200-300 kg/h

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