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250-350 kg/h snack making machine

3D Snack Pellets Without Fryer


The introduction of snack making machine:

Following getting ready, managed amounts of ingredient and fluids are combined before getting given constantly and evenly into the snack making machine. This combination is then processing at the appropriate temperatures with the thermo-physical power offered by the double-screw. The pasta is then pressed via the snack making machine die to form, expand and offer the item its loose structure. The style of the snack making machine die put in, the wetness component in the snack food extrusion machine and the expansion rate are critical aspects in the structure and forming of expanded snacks.

At the snack making machine end, the expanded item is moving on a belt to be slice by a slicing device. The item may furthermore be stuffed when the snack making machine line is furnished with a co-extrusion device.

Formed snacks are transferred on drying machine at a managed heat range to attain the goal degree of wetness component. The dried out item will be cooled down for saving or straight transfer to the spraying device. Two kinds of spraying are applied: an oil and flavor combination to be put on directly the snack or an oil with herbs, table salt and additional pulverized components. The tasting snacks are subsequently cooled down before being moved to the the labels devices.


2D&3D Snack Pellets Food

The specification of snack making machine:

  • Effective and managed producing: constant and automatic substantial-potential working, quick automatic conversion, ,fast and simple snack making machine die changes, effortless clean-up and upkeep.
  • An incredible number of ingredient for manufacturing a broad variety of cereal products
  • A huge selection of dimensions, designs and stuffing
  • The potential of increasing the varieties of products through basically changing dies or adding elements to make flakes, bicolored items, stuffed cereal products with seeable ingredient or different forms
  • Professional techniques: particularly developed by our expert technologist, with modern automatic to make sure accurate practice manage for constant item quality.
  • Completed snack making machine line capacity: 250-350 kg/h

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