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350-500 kg/h fish food extruder production line



fish food extruder production line


The introduction of the fish food extruder production line:

Our company offers a wide range of twin-screw fish food extruder production line. They have played a critical role in the invention and growth of fish feed technology. Hiwant fish food extruder production lines are intended to make food that satisfies the healthy requirement of fish and other water animals with precise sizing and density control system.
Compared to the fish food with single screw extruder, the double screw extruder from HIWANT is ideal for manufacturing fish food with much more kinds of formulas,one example is, for the fish food with an greater fat component. The floating  or sinking of the fish feed can be determined by changing the parameters of the fish food extruder production line.
Within the cooking of high temperature and press over the short time by the fish food extruder, the ingredients are completely liquefied and sanitized. We may adjust the the water component percentage and the temperature in order to change expanded grade. The finish fish feed products can maintain floating in the water for 4-16 hours as totally pellet state. At the same time , we can make various kinds of fish feed via adjusting various dies to suit for various ages fish.

The feature of the fish food extruder production line:

  • Be able to process a board range of ingredient,the whole grain,vitamin and mineral,meat powder and other seasoning.
  • Numerous kinds of fish feed sizes range from 0.5 to 25.0 millimeters
  • Output capable , 350-500 kg/h
  • Reduced the upkeep of the extruder with self-cleaning function.
  • After-sale services, such as instruction and professional assistance, design and style skills for the engineers, automation and professional update, test program.


fish food extruder production line


The parameters of the fish food extruder production line:

  • Installed power                   120 kw
  • Power consumption            90 kw
  • Throughput                         350-500 kg/h
  • Size                                      28500*3300*3500 mm

The construction of the fish food extruder production line:

  • Flour Mixer
  • Spiral Elevator
  • Extruder
  • Cooling Vibration
  • Air conveyor
  • 5-layer Fuel Oven
  • Large Elevator
  • Oil Spraying Line
  • 5-meter Cooling Conveyor

The information of HIWANT COMPANY:

Henan Hiwant International Co.,Ltd is a technology-based manufacturer and trader of food extrusion machines.Our food extrusion machinery lines are widely used in: puffed snack food extruder, breakfast cereals extruder, fiber protein extruder, bread crumbs extruder, pet/aquatic feed extruder, modified starch extruder, artificial/nutritional rice extruder, and other food , biological and chemical industry.Our Machines have been exported to Europe, America, East Africa, and so on.

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