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Bread Crumb Machine — High Efficiency For Commercial Purpose



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Introduction of Bread Crumb Machine:

  1. Bread Crumb is broadly applied in dressing the foodstuffs when they are deep-fried.
  2. These kinds of foodstuffs include chicken,seafood,chicken wings,onion rings,even banana.
  3. The final foodstuffs feature a crispy coat and delicious,soft core.
  4. This kind of bread crumbs processing line has the impressive capacity of minimum mateials waste.
  5. The raw materials go across the processes of mixing,extruding,crushing and sieving to be made into various bread crumbs ,such as ,panko,US styles,snowflakes and so on.



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Characteristic of Bread Crumb Machine:

  1. The raw materials can be directly processed into the final bread crumbs without the bread intermediate,so there is no bread crust waste.
  2. Output capacity:120-1000 Kg/H
  3. Full automatic design to minimize the power and label cost ,the process from raw materials to final bread crumbs will be compeled in 20 minutes.
  4. Process Flow:Mixing-Extrusion Cooking – Cutting – Drying – Crushing – Sieving – Labeling.
  5. The line is designed specially and the only one which can be completed in China.



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Construction of Bread Crumb Machine:

  1. Powder Mixing Machine
  2. Screw Conveyor
  3. Food Extruder Machine
  4. Multifunctional Shaper
  5. Large Elevator
  6. Bread Crumb Grinder
  7. Sieving Conveyor
  8. 5-layer Fuel Oven


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Video of Bread Crumb Machine:

More Details ,please visit the website: Bread Crumb Machine


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