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Bread Crumb Making Machine — High Productivity For Industrial Purpose

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What is bread crumb?

Bread crumb is generally divided into commercial bread crumb and home-made bread crumb.Commercial bread crumb usually means dry bread crumb and home-made bread crumb means fresh bread crumb.
Bread crumb is usually used as  an additive for meatloaf or a coating for deep-fried food,such as  beefsteak, chicken leg and wing,shrimp,etc.It has the flaky ,airy texture to ensure the final fried food attaining the crispy ,tasty cover.


Some benefits of this bread crumb making machine:

Traditionally,bread crumb is produced from the baked bread by the traditional machine.The bread crust generated from the manufacturing process means the high production cost.
As a newest star product,this bread crumb making machine adopts the twin-screw extrusion technology.

  • Firstly,there is no bread crust generation during the manufacturing process,that ensures the low production cost.
  • Secondly, twin-screw extruder machine offers a process of high temperature and high pressure in a short time,that ensures the high productivity.

Besides,this machine can produce various bread crumb,such as granular Western Bread Crumb,flaky Panko Japanese Bread Crumb,snowflakes bread crumbs,etc. by changing screws,dies and some parameter setting.


Some tips you should know:

  • We usually offer several standard bread crumb making machines to satisfy most clients’ demand,but our engineers can custom the machine as your wish.
  • The twin-screw extruder machine,as the key part of the bread crumb manufacturing process, is obviously not enough to hold up your bread crumb business,the complete bread crumb processing line should be considered.The whole bread crumb processing line also includes the mixer unit,the crushing unit,the drying unit,the sifting unit and some transmission units.


Process Flow of the bread crumb processing line:

The wheat flour firstly is blended sufficiently in the vertical mixer(Blending sufficiently ensures high quality of final bread crumbs). Then they are evenly sent into twin-screw extruder to be prepared at high temperature and high pressure in a short time to attain a total gelatiniztion state.After the process of cutting,crushing,sifting,drying,packaging,the final bread crumbs will be for sales.


Construction of the bread crumbs processing line:

  • Flour mixing unit : to mix wheat,water and other materials sufficiently .
  • Screw conveyor : to convey mixing materials to extruder machine evenly.
  • Twin-screw extruder :cooking the materials into a total gelatinization state.
  • Shaping machine : to shape the extrudates
  • Belt conveyor: to convey the food to the following device.
  • Grinding machine: to grinding the extruadates into bread crumbs with various shapes and sizes based on the recipe.
  • Belt conveyor: to convey the food to the following machine
  • Vibrating sifter: to sift and remove unqualified bread crumbs
  • Belt drying oven: dry bread crumbs according to the formula.


Specification of the bread crumbs processing line:

  • Installed Powder:125 KW
  • Power consumption:94 KW
  • Output Capacity:350-500 KG/H or more if you need.
  • Dimensions:30300*3200*3500 mm


Characteristic of the bread crumbs processing line:

  • Full automatic processing line needs two worker to operate.
  • The temperature and rotation speed can be adjusted according to the production need.
  • Main body material is stainless steel, which is easy to clean.
  • Screws material is 38CrMoAl, which is wear-resisting.
  • Video of the breadcrumbs processing line:

Video of the bread crumbs processing line:

Actually,there are more technical details needed to be discussed,so if you are interested in our bread crumb processing line ,please contact us with no hesitation.

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    Would you please send more details for bread crumbs production line with capacity of 5 -10 tons


  2. Dr.Alireza Boorang May 24, 2022 at 19:36:43

    We are looking for rice extruder machines, minimum capacity 150 Kg/H, beside if you have any final product sample (extruded rice) please let me know


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