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Dog Food Machine For Commercial Purpose — Also Create Cat Food &Fish Feed

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Why choose the dry dog food as your food business?

1.Dog masters often prefer dry dog food due to the  convenience and price, amounted to over $8 billion on dry dog food market in 2010 – a 50% increase in the amount spent just seven years earlier.

2.The dog food extrusion machine is technically mature since the screw extrusion machine was invented in 1870s,So,if you prefer to begin a low-risk dog food business with minimum money,this machine is the best choice.

3.Extrusion Cooking is a process of high temperature and high pressure in a short time,ensuring that the dry dog food is sterile and easy to digest.Besides,the high temperature and high pressure treatment ensures that the machine can take more types of ingredients as raw materials.


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2 advises for dry dog food machine:

1.One single dry dog food extruder machine is obviously not enough to hold up your dog food business,the full automatic complete production line should be considered.

2.Our company provides several standard production line for most clients’ demand,but we can make the best solution of the customized line as your wish.

What kinds of foodstuffs can be created by this machine?

This machine can make a wide range of dry dog food and cat food with lots of different shapes by changing the dies.Besides,it can also manufacture the floating fish feed,which can keep the pellet status for over 24 hour in the water.


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The process flow of the dry dog food processing line:

The raw materials firstly are blended sufficiently in the mixer and then sent into the extruder machine to be cooked at high temperature and high pressure in a short time.The extrudates get the final shape when go across the extruder die and are sliced into the specific length by the cutting unit.After the process of drying,cooling and flavoring,the final pet food will be on sales.

The construction of the processing line:

Powder mixing machine
Screw elevator
Food extruder machine
Cooling vibration
Air conveyor
5-layer tunnel oven
Sizeable elevator
Oil flavoring unit
5-meter cooling conveyor

The specification of the processing line:

Model  HW88-III
Installed Powder(kw) 61
Power consumption(kw) 46
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 100-150
Dimensions(mm) 25800*3200*24200
Product Dry Dog,cat food or fish feed

The Video of dry dog food processing line:

If you want to get more technical details about the pet food processing equipment,plz contact us with no hesitation or visit the website: Dog Food Machine

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