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Fryums Snacks & 2D / 3D Snacks Extruder Making Machine — Numerous Styles Can be Created

2D&3D pellet snacks production line




Firstly,what is snack pellet or fryums snacks.

  1. Snack pellet is a non-expanded foodstuff even though it is made by the food extruder machine.
  2. It can be created from the various materials,such as, grain powders,potatoes or vegetable powders.
  3. Subsequently,it will be processed further by mean of frying,baking or spraying with various seasonings to form the final foodstuffs.
  4. Recently, the pellet snacks is becoming more and more popular due to its long time shelf life and high-density characteristic,easy storage and transport.



2D&3D pellet snacks 58746



Characteristic of the fryums snacks & 2D/3D snack extruder machine:

  1. Be able to process a broad variety of raw materials: grain powders,potato powder or other vegetable materials.
  2. Numerous styles of final products:the pellet snacks with many shapes and flavors can be created by adjusting dies and seasonings.
  3. Intelligent control system enables the minimum power cost and label cost.



Twin-screw Extruder Machine 215487



Characteristic of Hiwant twin-screw extruder machine:

  1. Swiss Technology
  2. Adopt PLC control system design enable the easy operation.
  3. The screw is created from 38CrMoAi stainless steel,which is wear-proof.
  4. Separate and accurate temperature control of each section of the extrusion cooking process

Video of fryums snacks & 2D/3D snack extruder machine:

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