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Pet Food Extruder Machine With Twin-Screw — For Making Dog Food,Cat Food or Fish Feed

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Overview of Pet Food Extruder Machine:

  1. Pet food production line can be used to produce various pet foodstuffs,such as,dog food ,cat food,fish feed and so on.
  2. The Food Extruder Machine ,as the key part of the pet food production line,determines the quality of the finish pet foodstuffs.
  3. The raw materials are blended sufficiently by the mixing machine and will be sent into the food extruder machine to be cooked at high temperature and high pressure in a short time.
  4. The cooked materials will be shaped while being pushed out from the extruder via the dies.
  5. The extrudates will be cut into specific length and expand up rapidly into the pet pellet when they get out of the extruder.

Characteristic of Pet food Extruder Machine:

  1. Th pet food production line is furnished with PLC cpanel so that it can work precisely.
  2. The pet food production line is equiped with the twin-screw extruder machine,which can process the materials totally and enable the raw materials gelatinization level getting into over 99%.
  3. The twin-screw make the food extruder machine featuring the functionality of self-clearing so that you can adjust the pet food kinds easily.
  4. The rotating speed of motor can be adjusted according to the raw materials that will be processed.
  5. The shapes of the final pet foodstuffs can be customized based on your wish.

Construction of Pet Food Extruder Machine:

  1. Powder Mixing  Machine
  2. Screw Conveyor
  3. Food Extruder Machine
  4. Cooling Vibration
  5. Air conveyor
  6. 5-layer Fuel Oven
  7. Large Elevator
  8. Flavoring Line
  9. 5-meter Cooling Conveyor

Specification of Pet Food Extruder Machine:

  1. Installed Powder(kw):79
  2. Power consumption(kw):59
  3. Output Capacity(kg/hour):200-300
  4. Dimensions(mm): 27500*3300*2700

Video of Pet Food Extruder Machine:

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