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Pet Food Machinery For Creating Dry Pet Food — Commercial Design & Full Automatic

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The reason why pick the dry pet food machine for your pet food business:

1.The technique of the pet food extruder machine,the key equipment of the pet food machines,is very mature.So,if you want to start a low-risk food business with less money.this kind of pet food machine will be the best choice.

2.Extruded pet food ,generally,meaning dry pet food,accounts for a big slice of pet food market.

3. Pet owners often prefer dry food for reasons of convenience and price, spending over $8 billion on dry dog food in 2010 – a 50% increase in the amount spent just seven years earlier.

4.For pet food manufacturers,dry pet food is easy to store and transport ,so ,the cost of the dry pet food business will be lower in comparison with wet pet food or canned pet food.

5.The extrusion-cooking, a high temperature and high pressure process,insures the final pet food healthful,sterile and easy to digest.

Some tips of the dry pet food machine:

Firstly,the pet food extruder machine,the key equipment of the dry pet food making machines, is obviously not enough to hold up your pet food business,so,the complete processing line should be considered.The whole line  also includes the mixer machine,the drying machine,the cooling machine,the flavoring machine,the packaging machine and the transmission units.

Secondly,We offer several standard pet food processing lines,which satisfy most clients’ demand.However,Our experts can custom the best solution of pet food processing line as your wish.

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Process Flow of Pet Food Processing Line:

The raw materials are mixed sufficiently in the vertical container and then fed into the pet food extruder machine to be prepared at high temperature and high pressure in a short time.The cooked materials will expand when leave the extruder machine due to the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the extruder machine.The extrudates are sliced into a specific length by the cutting units.After the process of drying,cooling,flavoring and packaging,the final pet food can be for sales.

Construction of the pet food processing line:

  • Powder Mixing Machine
  • Pet Food Extruder Machine
  • Air Conveyor
  • Drying Machine
  • Transmission Unit
  • Flavoring Machine

Specification of the dry pet food processing line:

  • Installed Powder(kw):79
  • Power consumption(kw):59
  • Output Capacity(kg/hour):200-300
  • Dimensions(mm):27500*3300*2700

The video of dry pet food processing line:

If you want to learn more technical detail of the dry pet food processing line,plz contact us with no hesitation or visit the website:Pet Food Machine

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