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Pet food Making Machine For Commercial Purpose — Full Automatic & High Quality

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Why choose pet food as your food business?

1.Pet food has the largest market share among the extruded foodstuffs,which all are created by the food extruder machine.In 2007,the total sales of the dog&cat food is accounted to US$ 45.12 billion.
2.The technology of the screw extruder machine is rather mature since 1870s.So,if you want to start a low-risk food business with less financial budget, pet food extruder machine is the best choice for you.
3.The pet extruder machine is not only designed for creating the dog & cat food ,but also for creating fish feed and some other animal feeds just by changing the parameter setting and the dies.


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Some tips of the pet food making machine:

1.The Pet Extruder Machine, as the key part of the pet food making machine,is obvious enough to hold up your pet food business,the pet food processing line should be considered.The complete pet food processing line also includes the mixing machine,drying machine,cooling machine,flavoring machine and the packaging machine.
2.We provide several standard pet food processing lines that satisfy the most clients’ requirement.However, we can make the best solution of the pet food processing line based on your location condition if you have a special demand.


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The process flow of the pet food processing line:

The materials are blended sufficiently in the vertical mixer and then fed into the pet food extruder machine by way of the screw conveyor.The raw materials are cooked at high temperature and high pressure in a short time in the extruder.The extrudates will be shaped by the extruder dies and sliced into the pellets by the cutting unit.After the processes of the cooling,drying,flavoring,packaging, the pet pellet food will be prepared  for sales.

The construction of the pet food processing line:

Powder Mixing Machine
Screw Conveyor
Food Extruder Machine
Cooling Vibration
Air conveyor
5-layer Fuel Oven
Large Elevator
Flavoring Line
5-meter Cooling Conveyor

The specification of the pet food processing line:

Installed Powder(kw):120
Power consumption(kw):90
Output Capacity(kg/hour):350-500

The Video of the pet food processing line:


More Details,plz visit the website: Pet Food Extruder Processing Line

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  1. Ramzi Jun 17, 2022 at 22:34:58

    Would you please send more details for bread crumbs production line with capacity of 5 -10 tons


  2. Dr.Alireza Boorang May 24, 2022 at 19:36:43

    We are looking for rice extruder machines, minimum capacity 150 Kg/H, beside if you have any final product sample (extruded rice) please let me know


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