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Why Choose Us From The China Extruder Manufacturers

why choose us from the china extruder manufacturersEngineering innovation have invariably been the particular pushing factors of our success, helping us to turn into a well-known leader in a great many areas around the globe. Our staff members have constantly broadened the variety of programs supported by our own core technology, double-screw extrusion. Our company has been getting more powerful by several acquisitions,that enabled our business becoming a globe leader in supplying customized processing lines, depending on our own modern dehydrating technological innovations.

Now we have designed a wide-ranging production line of impressive products and procedures focusing on three different areas: Snack Food,Pet Feed and Nutritious Powder Areas.


Based upon twhy choose us from the china extruder manufacturershe achieving success of our own modern technology and procedures on 46 nations around the world, we have now exercised on 4 land masses, offering our own knowledge and expert services locally. This diverseness makes it possible for broadening our property.why choose us from the china extruder manufacturers

We not only provide systematic solution for complete production of food extrusion machine processing line, but also design tailor-made projects. With many patents and technology breakthrough, We have most advanced test center which integrates experiments, demonstration, and training. It means We can test and do experiments according to clients’s new ideas or requirements.

Our Mission is to provide you with most professional and heart-felt services and most value-added solution on food extrusion machines. Hope to have long lasting friendship and share the joy of success with you.

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